Agents have a lot to say about their experience at Keller Williams:

FlorenceBortoluzzi and Robert Frasson (Formerly of Sutton Group Estates)

"Coming to Keller Williams has been totally exciting, overwhelming and inspiring all at the same time. We have now developed a "branded" image which has us looking at our business in a whole new way. We are energized by the concepts and grateful for the support we have received. We love it here!"

Lee Byers and Trevor Rodrigues, The Byers Team (Formerly of Re/Max West)

"Being at Keller Williams is awesome. Our team is growing and we are becoming more professional thanks to all the seminars and the wonderful people we have met. As far as we are concerned, Keller Williams helps you to become the best you can in your personal and professional lives. That’s the culture. A win-win situation."

Elly Missirlis (Formerly of Sutton Group Central)

"My main reasons for joining Keller Williams were the great team work within the office and the wonderful training. I have participated in several of the courses and have learned a lot during these sessions. I feel that the training we receive at Keller Williams is superior to that of TREB.

Tony Kurec (Formerly of Re/Max Hallmark)

"Keller Williams has a culture and a vision for the company and it’s agents. From my limited exposure to Real Estate brokerages, this seems like the best there is. Owners really doing something for their agents."

Doreen Baran (Formerly of Re/Max Ultimate)

"I joined Keller Williams because it is a great place, the energy is fantastic and the support is wonderful. The amount of education I have received has helped me surpass last year’s annual production. Coming here was one of the best decision I have made."

Paul In der Hees (Formerly from Sutton Granite Hill)

"I have been with Keller Williams since May 2004. My personal and professional life has changed. Real Estate is fun again, in such a way that family, clients and friends noticed the difference. I make more money, and have more time off, which ultimately improves the quality of my life. Keller Williams cares who I am and wants to know what my goals in life are, and helps to improve my business so that I can achieve those goals. Without any doubt Keller Williams makes a difference."

Carol Clarke-Rose and Peter Scarcella (Formerly of Re/Max)

"My team and I came to Keller Williams because of all of the training, coaching and mentoring they provided. People’s willingness to share and give, as well as everyone’s great attitude, helped make our transition easier. Keller Williams brings a new high standard to the Real Estate business."

Debbie Ramjit (Formerly of All City Real Estate)

"Coming to Keller Williams has brought my real estate business back to life. I am more focused and back on track. All of the technology, sophistication and educational seminars have helped me implement systems that have helped be get going back in the right direction."

Lou Smith (Formerly of Sutton Granite Hill)

"My experience at Keller Williams has been wonderful so far. All of the tools, talents and education have made real estate fun for me again. The whole team approach and overall enriched office environment has helped make my move more enjoyable."

Ed and Dianna Robinson (Formerly of Coldwell Banker Case)

"The main reason I joined Keller Williams was because of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book written by Gary Keller. I found that that book laid out the perfect model for building a great real estate business. I have since read the book 5 times and watched my business increase dramatically. It proved to me that the public picks an agent rather than a company. I have been in the business for 25 years and was a top at my previous company. In 1982 I guessed Re/max would be big, I am now guessing that Keller Williams will be next".

Zan and Carol Molko (Formerly of Harvey Kalles)

"We came to Keller Williams to acquire equity in our real estate business and to have say in how things should be done. At Keller Williams, the local realtor is the focus not the company brand name. Since joining, the unsurpassed learning and coaching, mentoring and genuine sharing in attitude, action and information has helped us build a better real estate practice.

Daren O’Donnell (Formerly with Prudential Sadie Moranis)

"My experiences with Keller Williams since joining in April 2005, has been very positive. I have had two deals and my interactions with everyone in the office have been excellent. Glenn is a great guy and as a salesperson and broker. He offers a lot of excellent advice and knowledge of the industry. The staff is excellent and the office atmosphere is enjoyable. I am very happy to be at Keller Williams."

Gina Roman (Formerly of Re/Max Ultimate)

"I came to Keller Williams because I felt the company and its’ support would help me achieve the goals I was striving for. The company also showed the most concrete and tangible way of reaching my goal of earning 1 million dollars. Since joining, the culture, family atmosphere, support and training have broadened my expectation of where I can go in business. There is no reason I should not be able to reach my goal given all of the support and training and various levels of coaching offered within Keller Williams."

Michael Eisner (Formerly of Re/Max Ultimate)

"The main reasons I joined Keller Williams was because of the education & training, its open book policy, agent involvement in the running of the companyt. Profit sharing was the icing on the cake. Keller Williams has exceeded my expectations in training and education. Everyone’s willingness and openness to share information has totally blown me away."

Evan Davies

"Coming to Keller Williams has been better than I imagined. I am totally excited to be part of something that is growing everyday. The training courses and seminars have helped me increase my business and solidify a plan that makes it easier for me to reach my goals."

Mitch Cabrias (Formerly of Royal Le Page)

"I came to Keller Williams because I love the concept of ever lasting growth regardless of what level my business is in. There is a constant positive atmosphere that keeps me striving towards my goals every day. My attitude towards real estate has changed greatly for the better and I am happy that I chose to come to Keller Williams."

Vijay Jhamat (Formerly Re/Max Crossroads)

"Coming to Keller Williams has been amazing. Everyone is kind, helpful and supportive. The training and education has been a great tool in helping my business grow. I’m really glad to be here."

Gisela Gingras (Formerly of Bosley Real Estate)

"I came to Keller Williams because of all of the training and technology-based philosophy. Everyone here has a positive attitude and are always willing to help. Keller Williams’ continuing education is impressive and gives the agents a sense of knowledge that they can make their business even better."

Bonnie Davies (Formerly of Coldwell Banker Terrequity)

"Since coming to Keller Williams I have learned something new every day. The warm and positive attitude, sharing of ideas and information, education and training has made my business grow to a whole new level."

Zahurul Hasan

"This is my first experience with a real estate company. I am discovering and learning new things every day. I still have many things to learn and to overcome but  Keller Williams is helping me through this exciting journey. Keller Williams is my partner in my journey to the future."

Julia Lazar (Formerly of Coldwell Banker Terrequity)

"My experiences since joining Keller Williams have been great. My business is improving every day. Everyone’s support and advice has helped me learn things I never knew before. I am glad that I am now part of the Keller Williams family."

Rob Roland (Formerly of Sutton Group Associates)

"Coming to Keller Williams has made a profound and dramatic change in the way I practice real estate as well as the way I look at life in general. The Keller Williams culture and all of the education and training we receive has made me realize that I can have a successful business, not just a career, and still have time for my personal life."

Cec and Paul Silbernagel (Formerly of Remax Executive)

"Keller Williams has been a breath of fresh air for our real estate business. Its training, education and constant support have made a large improvement in our real estate business. It has always and continues to be an upward learning experience. There is not one day of regret or any second thoughts since we joined Keller Williams."

Patricia Hausner (Previously a High School Teacher)

"I chose to come to Keller Williams for the basic fact of the Universal Law of Attraction! How could I resist all of the values, encouragement, constant support and feeling of belonging. I learn and gain something new every day."

Erika Elbert (Previously of Royal Le Page Signature)

"Keller Williams has made such a huge and positive impact in my real estate business. All of the help that I receive from my Broker, other agents and the office staff have made my move here much easier. The training and education I have received have also made me more confident about myself as an agent."

John Nelson (Formerly of Remax Connect)

"I am very happy and glad to be here at Keller Williams. The positive atmosphere, great quality people and support have made my transition easy. The education and training received has also helped make my business grow to a different level."

Dave Pratt (Formerly of Coldwell Banker Case)

"Coming to Keller Williams has been a wonderful experience for me. People’s willingness to help and share ideas, the atmosphere and great support staff has also made my transition here easier. The concepts and values behind the company, as well as the all of the training and education, have moved my business to a whole new level.