Find out how profit sharing has changed lives.

At Keller Williams Realty, our associates are full business partners – this is one of our core values and the company’s exclusive profit sharing program underscores this commitment.

Profit share is one significant way that Keller Williams Realty recognizes associates for growing the company. Participating agents receive financial rewards for bringing other productive, talented individuals to the company and then share in the profits generated by the entire office.

Open Books

Keller Williams Realty places a premium on trust – we are an “open books” company. We allow associates access to their market center’s financials so they can see firsthand how the company is performing. It is a system where brokers and agents are partners in the profits and everyone works toward maximizing financial success.

Building Wealth                                                                    

Naturally, when associates share in the company’s profits and learn firsthand how the company is performing, a mutual alliance forms that supports success for both the associate and the broker.

 We feel so strongly about the need for this partnership to fully support the financial future of our associates that we created a Wealth Building website, where our associates share strategies that teach how to achieve your financial goals.

 At Keller Williams Realty, the financial opportunities to build wealth, secure a financial future, and realize your dreams are endless.