Alison Bechtel

Designated Broker and Operating Principal
Alison has been with the KW family since 2000, serving in almost every management role there is.  During this experience, Alison learned a great deal about the Arizona real estate industry and how to utilize the KW model to foster a culture of success for agents.
Alison was instrumental in opening all of the Legacy One offices. First in Mesa she served as the MCA, handling all of the accounting and management of the office. Then another office was launched in Gilbert in 2001. Alison assisted in all aspects of the launch and learned how to build a market center from the ground up. Alison took a chance and accepted the Team Leader position for the new location in South Chandler in the Ocotillo area in 2005. Since that time, the Ocotillo office earned many accolades in its’ infancy, being named the #3 home run launch Internationally for 2006, and being the most profitable launching market center in the country in 2006!  
“I’ve been groomed in business and real estate my whole life” says Alison. “My mother, Linda Bechtel, has been in real estate for over 30 years. Working side-by-side with her since 2000 has led me to this huge opportunity to continue what my mother has started and leave a legacy for our family. It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to be in business with my family.   Since starting with KW, I feel like my family has grown immensely.”
Alison’s favorite part of her job is helping agents build solid business plans and watching them put those plans into action to get the results they want. “There is nothing better than watching an agent grow their business by leaps and bounds! Knowing that I played a small part in helping them achieve their goals gives me the biggest kick! I know I am a success when my agents are successful.”